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What does NASA GmbH fund and why?

In our day-to-day life, we cover a lot of different routes - we're mobile. Amidst increasing demands on mobility, the state of Saxony-Anhalt focusses on the challenges of designing an efficient and sustainable transport system.

To this end, Saxony-Anhalt contributes to several funding programmes.

The railway station programme

Construction of new, and upgrading of existing, platform facilities.

Bus and tram stop programme

Barrier-free construction of new, and modification of existing, public road passenger transport stops.

Infrastructure programme

Improvement of railway infrastructure for regional rail passenger transport.

Coal regions

Construction, expansion and redesign of local rail transport interfaces. Revitalization of reception buildings.

The charging infrastructure programme

Creation of a publicly accessible charging infrastructure

Regional public transport on the state rail and bus network

Creation of high-quality Landeslinien - state routes - for bus services.


Regeneration of station reception buildings.

The interface programme

Construction of new, and upgrading of existing, station environments, bus stations, B+R and P+R facilities.

Special program "Stadt und Land"

Promotion of everyday cycling.