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The interface programme

What is funded?

The construction, expansion and restructuring of regional rail passenger transport interfaces comprises:

  • Railway station forecourts
  • Bus stations and bus stops
  • Bike parking racks
  • P+R spaces
  • Short-stay car parks
  • Taxi parking spaces
  • Passenger information

Who is eligible for funding?

Zuwendungsempfänger des Schnittstellenprogramms sind:

  • local authorities,
  • transport infrastructure companies,
  • transport companies and their affiliates, and
  • legal entities under public and private law, if they fulfil public duties regarding the improvement of transport conditions in the communities.

How high is the funding rate?

The funding rate is a maximum of 80 % of the costs which are eligible for a grant.

Are you finding it difficult to imagine the specifics and are looking for inspiration?

Since 1997, we and our partners have been able to successfully implement over 100 interface measures, e.g. in Dessau main station, Merseburg main station and Zerbst/Anhalt.


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