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Public Transport Plan

The Public Transport Plan of Saxony-Anhalt (ÖPNV-Plan) is the basis for a statewide coordinated organisation of local public transport within the framework of the state development in accordance with the state's Public Transport Act.

Public Transport Plan 2020 - 2030

With this Public Transport Plan, the state government has set itself the goal of creating a sustainable and user-oriented regional public transport system, which is to be considered as a complete system, resulting in the linking of rail and bus services.

To this end, the state of Saxony-Anhalt is pursuing a transport policy that aims to provide a mixed transport system that is as economical and demand-driven as possible: Rail, bus and flexible public transport services (e.g. dial-a-bus) are to be used according to their strengths. Special attention will be given to close cooperation between counties, independent cities and the state.

Following a series of workshops on a range of specialist topics and the official participation procedures, the Regional Public Transport Plan 2020 - 2030 was approved by the Cabinet on 11/12/2018.


Here you can download the current Public Transport Plan and previous versions:

Examination of Stations

The public transport plan is used as a basis for considering whether stations should be established, relocated or closed down. In addition to the stations identified in the Public Transport Plan, other stations may be examined if there is a need for further action or at the request of municipalities. An overview of these stations can be found at the following link.

Overview of station inspections