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The railway station programme

What is funded?

The construction of new, and upgrading of existing, platform facilities comprises:

  • Platforms
  • Platform access routes
  • Lighting
  • Weather shelters
  • Passenger information technology (e.g. clocks, loudspeakers, dynamic passenger information systems)
  • Stairs and lift facilities and ramps
  • Pedestrian underpasses and overpasses

Who is eligible for funding?

Recipients of grants within the railway station programme are railway infrastructure companies.

How high is the funding rate?

The funding rate is a maximum of 80 % of the costs which are eligible for a grant.

Framework agreement and individual measures of the railway station programme

The first framework agreement on the modernisation of transport stations in the state of Saxony-Anhalt within the scope of the railway station programme was concluded with DB Station&Service AG in 2009. This agreement is updated on a regular basis. Pursuant to the agreement, DB Station&Service AG and the state jointly bear the relevant costs.

Photos and details of individual projects are available on the Railway station programme website.

In addition to the framework agreement, DB Station&Service AG receives funding for further individual measures in the railway station programme. This relates to measures which do not fit within the framework agreement due to their funding arrangements, or a need for closer coordination, and are thus funded separately.

Individual measures with other railway infrastructure companies can also be funded within the railway station programme.


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