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Information portals

NASA GmbH operates the two information portals INSA and Mobilitätsportal Mitteldeutschland on behalf of the state. INSA and the Mobilitätsportal have similar user interfaces (front ends) in order to enable the user to use them in the same way, since they are set up and operated by the same actors.

The public transport information system INSA is an information system exclusively for passengers in local public transport and a digital tool for transport companies in the field of public transport..

The​​​​​​​ Mobilitätsportal Mitteldeutschland is an information system on all available means of transport in Saxony-Anhalt (and in the future in the adjacent traffic areas) and addresses a large number of users who want to use alternative mobility offers. In addition, the mobility portal is a digital tool for mobility and traffic management for the state of Saxony-Anhalt and its subordinate areas, but also for the population and the economy.


INSA is the timetable information service for regional public transport in Saxony-Anhalt and the Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund (MDV).

Mobilitätsportal Mitteldeutschland

The Mobilitätsportal Mitteldeutschland collates (real-time) transport information across the state - from road traffic to pedestrian and bicycle traffic, combined with information on rail and bus services.