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Infrastructure programme

What is funded?

The purpose of the funding is to improve railway infrastructure in Saxony-Anhalt insofar as this predominantly serves regional rail passenger transport and forms part of the regional public transport plan. Funding is allocated to measures which improve railway infrastructure in Saxony-Anhalt whilst also increasing the economic viability and appeal of regional rail passenger transport.

In order to implement the objectives of the regional public transport plan, the infrastructure programme comprises the funding of the following measures:

  • New construction and expansion of platform facilities (including electrification and power supply systems), installation of additional turnouts and platform tracks to increase flexibility and stability of regional rail passenger transport operation
  • New construction and adaptation of control and safety systems in combination with changes to railway infrastructure; new construction, adjustment and relocation of signals, technical interlocking systems, associated information systems and cable installations, route-based train protection systems, telecommunication installations and replacement of old interlocking designs
  • New construction and adaptations to increase line speed at level crossings, and work on level crossing technology, switching paths and monitoring signals.

Who is eligible for funding?

Recipients of grants within the infrastructure programme are railway infrastructure companies.

How high is the funding rate?

The funding rate is a maximum of 80 % of the costs which are eligible for a grant.


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