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What is funded?

The regeneration of reception buildings comprises, amongst other aspects:

  • Ticket sale facilities, passenger information/connection reliability, as well as installations to improve service and increase passenger safety (mobility centres),
  • waiting areas,
  • passenger toilets,
  • tourist information points,
  • bicycle parking area including parking spaces, rental and repair service,
  • barrier-free access to reception buildings and
  • the modernisation of the shell of the building, and demolition works.

Who is eligible for funding?

Both public and private owners are provided with support for the modernisation of the station building if it serves a public and transport-relevant function.

How high is the funding rate?

The funding rate is a maximum of 80 % of the costs which are eligible for a grant. Please note that funding is available for passenger-relevant expenses only.

Are you finding it difficult to imagine the specifics and are looking for inspiration?

Since 2008, we and our partners have successfully implemented a number of REVITA measures, e.g. in Salzwedel, Bad Kösen and Lutherstadt Eisleben. Photos and details of individual projects are available on the REVITA programme website.


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