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State Rail and Bus Network

The State Rail and Bus Network covers all regional rail services and selected bus routes in Saxony-Anhalt. The network is being defined in the state's Public Transport Plan and ensures accessibility to all major destinations.

Our service planners determine routes and timetables, define connections and develop replacement concepts in the event of construction work. They also provide support for tourist railways and assist with mobility projects in rural areas.

Quality Standards in the State Network

Trains and buses run at regular intervals every day from morning to evening, including weekends, holidays and public holidays.

Most of the bus lines in the state network run every hour as PlusBus, the others usually every two hours as TaktBus. Low-floor buses are used, allowing barrier-free boarding. In addition to local transport fares, rail fares such as the Saxony-Anhalt Ticket and the BahnCard are also accepted on buses.

As with trains, bicycles can be taken on the bus free of charge (limited capacity).

Information available at www.mein-takt.de

Maps and Plans of the State Rail and Bus Network