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 |  Press release from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Digital Affairs

More than three million euros invested to renovate Magdeburg's Neustädter Station

More than three million euros invested to renovate Magdeburg's Neustädter Station

The state of Saxony-Anhalt is funding the extensive renovation of the Neustadt train station with approximately 3.3 million euros. "The money will be used to make the historic station building a popular meeting place again," said Dr. Lydia Hüskens, Minister for Infrastructure and Digital Affairs, today in Magdeburg, as she handed over the notice of approval to the project sponsor. The funding is part of the Revita program, which aims to revitalize train station buildings in a customer-friendly manner.

In addition to preserving the almost 125-year-old building for public transport passengers, the listed building will be renovated and converted into a space for exhibitions, trade fairs and cultural events. Shopping, catering and modern sanitary facilities will complete the project, which is being supported by the state with Revita funds and funds from the Heritage Preservation Program. The total cost of the project is approximately 4.5 million euros.

"The combination of attractive public transportation and modern infrastructure will bring the gateway to Magdeburg's Neustadt district back to life," said Lydia Hüskens, emphasizing a key aspect of the extensive state funding. "Mobility means freedom. Freedom also includes a real choice of means of transportation. We want people in our country to be able to freely choose all forms of mobility. This requires a well-developed infrastructure: cycle paths as well as roads, including bridges, and of course an attractive public transport system. We are working on it. Every day. The financial support for the Neustadt station is a living example of this," she concluded.

Around 800,000 rail passengers use Magdeburg-Neustadt station every year.