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Mobility management

It is worth changing to the train and bus!

Cities, retailers and employers benefit from greater use of public transport. Be it through less noise and emissions, more customers in the city centers or well-rested employees. Many municipalities and organizations have recognized these advantages and are committed to switching to rail and bus, cycling and walking, or even car sharing and bike rental.

With the mobility management, NASA GmbH brings together different actors in order to network the offers and to enable an exchange of experiences nationwide. NASA supports initiatives to reach (future) users of local transport. NASA GmbH advises large employers and tourism companies to make greater use of rail and bus in the national network. Together with transport companies and associations, NASA GmbH is working on removing barriers to access to trains and buses.


Are you committed to switching to trains and buses? We support you, whether at work or in a club.

Nahverkehrsservice Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH
Contact Person
Martin Böttcher

E-Mail: martin.boettcher@nasa.de