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Competence centre

The state of Saxony-Anhalt finances and supports the expansion, design and development of so-called intelligent transport systems. An ITS framework has been created for this purpose. In view of the increasing demands for environmentally friendly and resource-saving mobility and the technical progress of information and communication technologies, an organisational framework is needed in the long term to implement the plan. In Saxony-Anhalt, this is to be achieved in the form of a "Competence centre for intelligent transport systems, logistics and green mobility", in which state institutions and establishments will be involved.

Specifically, the competence centre is to be entrusted with the following state-relevant tasks:

  • Implementation of the ITS framework in consideration of the equal opportunity targets and the specifications listed in the regulations on EU funds and cabinet resolutions
  • Updating of the Saxony-Anhalt ITS guiding principle and framework
  • Development and implementation of transport management strategies in collaboration with the federal government and regional authorities
  • Promotion of electromobility through the development of target group-oriented offers
  • Support of applied transport research by securing grants and participating in research and development initiatives in the transport sector
  • Development and supervision of state-relevant technical infrastructure, especially electromobility and passenger information technology
  • Development of a "Transport and Mobility Management" qualification programme and of internal and external electromobility
  • Coordination with the federal government and the European Union, especially with regards to the exchange of data (Mobility Data Marketplace - MDM) in consideration of data security and data privacy