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 |  Press release of Nahverkehrsservice Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH

Planning begins for Großkorbetha S-Bahn curve

Planning begins for Großkorbetha S-Bahn curve

Planning has begun for the direct suburban rail link from Merseburg via Leuna to Leipzig, the centrepiece of which is the construction of the Großkorbetha curve. This marks the start of the lighthouse project for the Saale district under the Coal Regions Investment Act. To mark the occasion, representatives of Deutsche Bahn AG met today, Wednesday, in Merseburg with the Minister for Infrastructure and Digital Affairs, Dr Lydia Hüskens, as well as with Nahverkehrsservice Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH (NASA) and the Lord Mayor of Merseburg, Sebastian Müller-Bahr.

"A modern and efficient local rail passenger service linking the Saale district with the city of Leipzig is a basic precondition for successful structural change in the region. That is why we have commissioned the feasibility study for the track curve and will now quickly start planning," said Dr Lydia Hüskens, Saxony-Anhalt's Minister for Infrastructure.

In particular, the Coal Regions Investment Act (InvKG) aims to facilitate structural change in the regions affected by the phase-out of coal and to attract new industry. The expansion of the rail infrastructure will enable the residents of Saalekreis to reach the surrounding metropolitan regions and the attractive jobs they offer quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner. The Saalekreis will benefit from five InvKG projects. The planned Großkorbetha bend is outstanding.

Peter Panitz, Managing Director of NASA GmbH, says: "Looking at the rail projects planned under the InvKG, it is clear that a lot will happen in the next few years, and that is good and necessary. We at NASA assume that the upgraded and new lines will convince even more people to use the railway as a means of transport in the future".

Mayor Sebastian Müller-Bahr reflects on his discussions with Merseburg's residents: "Our employers, in particular, are already relying on train travel being made more attractive in time. Many employees and students already commute, but let's be realistic: when I consider whether to work or study in Merseburg, a fast connection without having to change trains is a decisive factor.

Following its inclusion in the German Investment Act for Coal-Mining Regions and the completion of the necessary financing agreement in 2022, DB has started the relevant preparatory planning work. This includes, for example, the tendering of planning services. Preliminary planning can begin shortly and the next step towards implementation can be taken. Once completed, the Großkorbetha curve will reduce the journey time from Merseburg to Leipzig by ten minutes.