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 |  Press release of DB A

Magdeburg celebrates double train christening

Two trains, an intercity long-distance train and a regional train, were named "Bodetal" and "Das Bodetal. Der Sagenharz" (The Bode Valley. The mythical Harz Mountains). The trains were christened by Dr Lydia Hüskens, Minister for Infrastructure and Digital Affairs of Saxony-Anhalt, Prof. Dr Armin Willingmann, Minister for Science and the Environment of Saxony-Anhalt, Christian Vögle, Head of DB Fernverkehr, Rolf Schafferath, Chairman of the Management Board of Abellio Rail Mitteldeutschland GmbH, Peter Panitz, Managing Director of Nahverkehrsservice Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH and Cornelia Sieker, Chairwoman of the City Council of Thale.

This is intended to underline the commitment of all those involved to making the transport service attractive for the state capital, but also for the surrounding regions. This also includes the connection via the town of Thale and the Bode Valley to the Sagenharz region.

Dr Lydia Hüskens: "The fact that we are christening two trains at the same time today shows how important it is to optimally link local and long-distance transport. The new Intercity connections for Magdeburg will further improve the accessibility of the state capital. Our regional trains extend the range of services in the region and ensure good connections even in places where long-distance trains do not stop. Those wishing to visit the town of Thale and the beautiful Bode Valley can do so in comfort with hourly services. I am delighted that the christened trains will soon be attracting even more visitors from all over Germany to this charming region of Saxony-Anhalt and that the newly designed Abellio carriages will whet their appetite for a trip.

Christian Vögle: "DB is delighted to be an ambassador for the wildly romantic Bode Valley in the Harz Mountains with an Intercity 2 train. Germany's northernmost low mountain range is also easily accessible from Magdeburg. With its excellent links between long-distance and local transport, Magdeburg is already an important hub. From December, we want to further improve connections to Magdeburg and the surrounding region with an additional Intercity service to and from Berlin, Rostock and now Hamburg. More and more modern double-decker Intercity trains will be used, such as the one being christened today. This will benefit people in the entire region, right up to the Harz Mountains.
Rolf Schafferath: "The Bode Valley is one of the most attractive destinations on our network. The train is a comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly way to take people there and to other places of interest in the region. That's why we're delighted that the new name of our train will encourage even more people to discover the Harz and other destinations by train.

Cornelia Sieker: "For the town of Thale and the Bodetal region as a tourist stronghold in the Harz, but also as an attractive residential location, the rail link with direct connections to Magdeburg and Berlin is of immense importance. In this respect, we are delighted with our newly christened trains, which will spread the name of our region throughout Germany.

The children of the choir of the "Aus den Höhen" primary school in the town of Thale provided the musical accompaniment for the christening. The water for the christening came from the Bode River.