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Zeitz railway station revived

After five years of construction, Zeitz station was officially reopened today in a ceremony attended by Saxony-Anhalt's Minister for Infrastructure and Digital Affairs, Dr Lydia Hüskens, and the major of Zeitz, Christian Thieme. The town bought the station building from Deutsche Bahn AG in 2015. Around €10 million has been invested in the historic station building so far, including €7.4 million from flood relief funds and €1.6 million from the state's REVITA programme.

"Freedom also means that each and every person is free to choose the means of transport with which he or she wishes to be mobile. The more attractive a station and its surroundings are, the more attractive public transport becomes. That is why it is important for us to attach certain conditions to the REVITA programme for the revitalisation of railway stations, to ensure that what is offered in the station building is always in the interest of the passenger. It should be emphasised here that, thanks to the commitment of the city of Zeitz and the district of Burgenland, the district's administrative department for the future of the coal mining area has moved into the station building. This is an important contribution to the future of the people in the region after the end of coal mining," said the Minister. The building also houses a waiting hall, public toilets, the Mein-Takt service station with ticket sales, various catering facilities, a car rental agency and a planning office.

Christian Thieme adds: "The renovation of the bus station, the station square, Baenschstraße and the station building has been a major and lengthy project. Now, with further funding for flood protection, the adjacent buildings will be renovated and put to new use. Over the next few years, Deutsche Bahn will also carry out the necessary renovation of the underground, tracks and platforms. At the same time, work will begin on extending the line so that we can hopefully have a suburban railway connection, as envisaged in the Structural Change Act. Work is also planned on the Zeitz - Weißenfels line. The stations at Weißenfels West, Luckenau and Theißen are to be modernised. All in all, this will increase the attractiveness of public transport and the city of Zeitz.

The renovated bus station and station square, which were built at a cost of around 3.6 million euros, were officially inaugurated at the end of 2022. Since then, the entire area of the central bus station (ZOB) has been barrier-free.