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The benefits of combining electric cars with bus and rail services are obvious: with electric vehicles, for instance, the development of sparsely populated areas can be improved when they are used within the context of flexible forms of transport. Electric vehicles can help passengers to reach places which are located further away from bus or tram stops or are not serviced during off-peak hours. Moreover, by combining them with classic public transport services, the fact that the range of electric vehicles is insufficient for longer journeys no longer poses such a problem. With electric vehicles, passengers can reach the nearest stop and continue the rest of their journey by bus and rail.

By using the example of selected routes in the state rail and bus network, the four partners will investigate how and where electromobility can be integrated most effectively into the existing regional public transport system in Saxony-Anhalt. To this end, users will be interviewed to determine how public transport is currently being used and where there is room for improvement. In parallel, the project will examine who could be considered as a provider of potential new electric mobility services within the public transport system in Saxony-Anhalt and how such services can be developed.

Funding focus: "Dienstleistungsinnovationen für Elektromobilität", Federal Ministry for Education and Research, supported by the State of Saxony-Anhalt

2014 - 2017 (completed)

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