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Transport Minister Webel hands over funds for the train station area in Weißenfels

Fördermittelbescheid Schnittstelle Güterbahnhof

The area north of Weißenfels train station will be completely renewed in the coming years. Thomas Webel, Minister for State Development and Transport, today handed over the grant notification to Mayor Robby Risch for the new rail-bus interface that is to be built there.    

"We are supporting the city in the urban development of the station area and at the same time doing something to make local transport more attractive," said Minister Webel at the handover. "The Weißenfels train station with its surroundings and its good connections still offers a lot of potential for future developments."    

"I am glad that it is finally starting," said Mayor Risch. “With the support of the state, we want to transform the entire area around the station into an inviting gateway to the city. Now the street Am Güterbahnhof is being prepared and completely redeveloped."    

The construction of bus stops, bicycle parking spaces and P + R areas north of the tracks is planned. The former structural engineering department on the site disappears. The access to the pedestrian tunnel will be redesigned to be barrier-free. Preparations for construction are to begin this year; it will be implemented in 2022. The costs amount to around 2.2 million euros, to which the state is contributing around 1.7 million euros. The funds come from the interface program of the state of Saxony-Anhalt, which is managed by the Nahverkehrsservice Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH (NASA).

Weißenfels train station is an important junction between train and bus lines and is normally used by around 2,300 people getting on and off the bus every day. City and country have further plans to upgrade the Weißenfels train station. In the coming years, the station building is to be refurbished and revitalized, and the station forecourt is to be upgraded. There are also plans to create a S-Bahn connection to Leipzig.