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Train timetable 2021 affected by planned construction works in the Halle and Magdeburg areas

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Building work will be undertaken at many locations across the railway network in Saxony-Anhalt. The construction plans will affect the 2021 train timetable. The focal point of these works is the major construction measures which will result in rail service restrictions from Magdeburg to Berlin and Dessau, as well as Halle to Lutherstadt Eisleben, and the tram service in Halle. The Nahverkehrsservicegesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt (NASA) held a press conference today in Magdeburg to provide information on these measures.

The key features of the 2021 train timetable, which comes into force on 13th December 2020, were presented. The draft schedules will be available online from tomorrow at www.mein-takt.de. Passengers have until 26th February to comment on the drafts. NASA has been successfully using this approach for over 10 years.

Overview of important changes to the timetable and 2021 building works:

Magdeburg – Stendal – Salzwedel – Uelzen

  • Regionalexpress RE 20 will run more frequently: During rush hours, trains will operate more frequently than the basic service of one train every two hours.
  • Additional services shall be operated between Magdeburg and Uelzen on Fridays (12:03 from Magdeburg main station, 14:02 from Uelzen) and daily (14:03 from Magdeburg main station, 16:02 from Uelzen).

Halle transport hub

  • The final three platform tracks on the west side will commence operation in January/February 2021. This completes the full renovation of all tracks and platforms at Halle (Saale) main station (construction began at the end of 2015).
  • All S 3 trains will once again operate on the west side only, there will be no longer be an interval offset towards/from Leipzig.

Construction work on the bridge at Halle-Rosengarten and station renovations at Halle-Südstadt and Angersdorf

  • Construction will be carried out between 15th January and 11th December 2021.
  • During this period, the track sections Halle (Saale) main station - Angersdorf ( Teutschenthal at night) and Halle (Saale) main station - Halle-Nietleben will be closed.

Halle (Saale) – Lutherstadt Eisleben – Sangerhausen

  • The RE 8 and RE 9 Regionalexpress trains will not operate during this period on the Halle (Saale) main station - Röblingen am See section; the RB 75 Regionalbahn train will only operate on the Halle (Saale) main station - Angersdorf section.
  • A replacement bus service will operate between Halle (Saale) main station and Angersdorf / Röblingen am See.

Halle (Saale) Hbf – Halle-Nietleben

  • The S 7 will not operate across the entire route during the construction period.
  • A bus replacement service is planned; inner-city local transport will also provide other travel options.

Construction work on the Elbe river bridge at Magdeburg and track renovation between Biederitz and Rodleben

  • Construction will be carried out between 24th April and 10th September 2021.
  • During this period, the Magdeburg-Neustadt and Magdeburg-Herrenkrug track sections will be closed (until 11th May and from 3rd September; to Biederitz at night) as will the Biederitz - Rodleben section.

Magdeburg – Berlin

  • The RB 40 Regionalbahn train will not operate on the Magdeburg main station - Burg (– Genthin) track section.
  • The RE1 Regionalexpress train will call at all stations between Burg and Magdeburg-Herrenkrug; a replacement travel service will operate between Magdeburg-Herrenkurg and the main station.
  • An additional direct bus service is planned between Burg and Magdeburg main station/central bus station which will provide passengers with approximately half-hourly connections between Madgeburg and Burg via the motorway.
  • For the Magdeburg - Berlin route, the construction site can be bypassed via Stendal. There will be additional trains every two hours on the Magdeburg main station - Stendal main station route which enables a convenient connection at Stendal main station for IC services to/from Berlin.
  • The Harz-Berlin-Express will be redirected between Halberstadt and Potsdam main station (redirection route is still being examined).
  • For the IC route Magdeburg - Berlin (– Cottbus), trains will be redirected with a stop at Stendal main station.

Magdeburg – Dessau

  • The RE 13 Regionalexpress train will not operate on the Magdeburg main station - Rodleben track section.
  • Gommern and Zerbst will be connected via hourly express bus services to Magdeburg and Rodleben; from here, the train will continue towards Dessau main station – Bitterfeld – Leipzig.
  • In addition, bus services will operate that call at all stations.
  • For the Madgeburg main station - Dessau main station route, construction works can be bypassed with the hourly IC from Magdeburg to Köthen; in Köthen, there is a convenient connection to the RB 50 Regionalbahn train from Köthen to Dessau main station.

Construction work between Hamburg and Berlin

  • Construction will be carried out between 10th September and 11th December 2021.
  • No routes will be closed in Saxony-Anhalt; however, long distance and freight trains will have to be redirected through the state.

Magdeburg – Uelzen (– Hamburg)

  • The RB 32 Regionalbahn train will not operate on the Stendal main station - Salzwedel track section.
  • The RE 20 Regionalexpress train will operate according to an amended schedule between Magdeburg and Stendal main station; it will call at all stations between Stendal main station and Salzwedel.
  • According to the current state of planning, all RE 20 services between Salzwedel and Uelzen will be cancelled.
  • Connections to/from Lüneburg – Hamburg are to be secured by changing to the ICE long distance rail service. A replacement bus service will be available for stops between Salzwedel and Uelzen.

Magdeburg – Schwerin

  • From 10th September to 19th November 2021, passengers using the S 1 service must change in Wittenberge to the replacement transport service between Wittenberge and Ludwigslust.

Passenger suggestions welcome

Until 26th February 2020, passengers have the opportunity to submit their comments on the drafts at www.mein-takt.de. However, the planned construction works will considerably restrict leeway in the timetable design.

For your information

The rail service timetable is created according to a strict planning calendar. Binding orders must be submitted to DB Netz by the beginning of April, after which point only small amendments can be made. Due to these regulations, for several years NASA GmbH has been presenting its drafts online in the middle of February in order to be able to accommodate suggestions from passengers. These suggestions often have to be considered alongside opposing passenger interests as well as mandatory planning aspects, but they do contribute to the improvement of the schedule.