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These are the Schülerferienticket models for 2021!

These are the Schülerferienticket models for 2021!

The Schülerferienticket models for the 2021 ticket have been announced! They come from Magdeburg, Halle, Lostau and Salzatal.

This year everything was different in the largest student model competition in Saxony-Anhalt. Instead of a big gala in the Steintorvarieté Halle or in the Johanniskirche in Magdeburg with over 500 spectators, it was much quieter, but nonetheless exciting for the 20 finalists. They had to prove themselves individually in front of the camera in the photo studio.

The jury, which also included the models of the year 2020, then decided on four models that will represent the school holiday ticket this year:    

Caroline Böttcher (16) from Magdeburg    

Lina Pilz (15) from Lostau in Jerichower Land    

Erik Einar Werner (16) from Halle    

Sidney Ann Zollweg (17) from Salzatal OT Schochwitz in the Saalekreis    

The winners of the model competition each receive a 500 euro voucher. This year they are promoting the school holiday ticket on posters, leaflets and tickets. The other participants did not go away empty-handed either. You will receive a free school holiday ticket as well as the pictures from the photo shoot.  

In the summer of 2020, 13,495 schoolchildren took the ticket on the train and bus. They explored Saxony-Anhalt, the Leipzig area and drove to Berlin.