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The finalists for the Schülerferienticket have been selected

The finalists for the Schülerferienticket have been selected

Magdeburg. Who will be the model for the 2021 Schülerferienticket? This year everything was different in the largest student model competition in Saxony-Anhalt. Because of the pandemic, most of it happened online. Instead of colorful folk festivals with a large casting stage, there were small model campaigns in the inner cities: from July to August, experienced student models from this and previous years were out and about in Magdeburg, Halle, Wittenberg, Dessau-Roßlau, Thale, Halberstadt and Stendal and cast 195 students there Pupils. There were also 181 online applications - more than ever before - and one letter application.

The jurors, among them the models of this year's ticket, now “met” for a digital jury meeting and viewed the extensive video and image material together. After the consultation, 20 of the 377 candidates are still in the running.

Because of the corona pandemic, however, the final will look very different than in previous years: Instead of a big gala in the Steintorvarieté Halle or in the Johanniskirche in Magdeburg with over 500 spectators, it will be much quieter in January, but nevertheless exciting for the 20 finalists. You will have to prove yourself individually in front of the camera in the photo studio. The jury then decides on the three, four or five that will go on the Schülerferienticket and the posters next year.

The finalists are

from Magdeburg:

Adela Gottschalk, 16

Caroline Böttcher, 16

Kevin Rusu, 19

aus Halle:

Erik Einar Werner, 16

from Dessau-Roßlau:

Dave Morrison Specht, 14

Julian Münzberg, 16

And from the counties

Altmarkkreis Salzwedel:

Jasna Bertram (16), Salzwedel


Maja Luisa Zürcher (17), Tangerhütte


Caroline Schering (16), Groß Ammensleben

Felix Samuel Fricke (16), Hundisburg

Tim-Luca Kühnhold (17), Niederndodeleben

Jerichower Land:

Lina Pilz (15), Lostau


Hannah Sibel Horn (15), Blankenburg

Emily Saalfeld (15), Zilly


Maurice Heide (17), Schönebeck


Hannes Ziegler (15), Zahna

Angelina Sherin Weulbier (15), Coswig (Anhalt)


Timo Rudolph (16), Landsberg

Sidney Ann Zollweg (17), Salzatal OT Schochwitz


Benjamin Fahr (17), Elsteraue OT Rehmsdorf

You can find pictures of the finalists at https://www.sft-sachsen-anhalt.de/modelcasting/finalisten-2021