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New station at Bernburg-Roschwitz in operation

New station at Bernburg-Roschwitz in operation

The new railway station at Bernburg-Roschwitz is in operation. Effective immediately, regional trains operated by Abellio on the Halle (Saale) - Bernburg route (RB 47) shall call at the new station every two hours; from 1st April 2020, trains operating on the Dessau – Aschersleben route (RB 50) shall stop there on an hourly basis.

"The new station brings us closer to the residential areas of Bernburg, which we hope will encourage even more residents to take advantage of the attractive regional transport service", explains Thomas Webel, Minister for Regional Development and Transport for the State of Saxony-Anhalt. The state of Saxony-Anhalt and Deutsche Bahn therefore made a joint investment of approximately three million Euro here in Bernburg-Roschwitz, in order to make access to the rail service both convenient and attractive, the Minister adds.

"The new pedestrian bridge across the railway track not only enables the residents of Bernburg to access both platforms, it has also created a short and convenient connection between two parts of the town", says Lord Mayor of Bernburg, Henry Schütze.

"Our new station in Bernburg-Roschwitz is modern and practical. I hope that this new station will be met with an enthusiastic response by the residents of Bernburg and that they'll take advantage of the rail service as a convenient and environmentally-friendly mode of transport", says Andreas Bulang, Head of Construction and Facility Management at DB Station & Service AG.

The new station was built on the double-track railway line between Köthen and Aschersleben. Due to its convenient location close to the village, the trains can now be reached via shorter routes. Work on the new station building at Bernburg-Roschwitz began last summer. The platforms are 140 metres long and have been built at a height of 55 centimetres, thereby allowing convenient boarding and disembarking. The station is equipped with benches, display cabinets, weather shelters and a station guidance system. Modern LED lighting and dynamic displays complete the facilities. A newly erected pedestrian bridge links the platforms with the network of public pathways.

The city's next project focusses on the station surroundings, which it is developing with financial support from the interface programme run by the state of Saxony-Anhalt. Plans are in place for better footpath and cycle path links to the residential areas in the west, as well as the construction of bicycle racks on both sides of the tracks and P+R parking spaces on the Roschwitz side.