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Azubi-Ticket Saxony-Anhalt

In order to recognize the Azubi-Ticket Saxony-Anhalt, the responsible public transport authorities in Saxony-Anhalt are granted incentive funding through the trainee ticket guidelines. This is intended to ensure that the Azubi-Ticket Saxony-Anhalt can be used for trainees in dual training or trainees and students from independent vocational schools, the health sector and, in accordance with Section 9 of the Saxony-Anhalt School Act, throughout Saxony-Anhalt, in local rail and road transport.; The aim of the Azubi-Ticket Saxony-Anhalt and the grants provided by the state for this is to improve the mobility of trainees, to offer the authorized users of the Azubi-Ticket Saxony-Anhalt financial relief for their mobility needs in training and leisure time and thus to support the creation and safeguarding of equivalent living conditions in the country. In addition, this ticket is intended to promote the attractiveness of local public transport as a whole for the target group.

The benefits are intended to compensate for the loss of income due to the cannibalization of other tariff offers through the Azubi-Ticket Saxony-Anhalt.
For this purpose, the submitting public transport authority has to fill out the form Anlage 1
Anlage 1 „Antrag zur Gewährung von Zuwendungen“ to the licensing authority (NASA GmbH).

The guidelines for the Azubi-Ticket can be found on the Saxony-Anhalt state law website at: Landesrecht Sachsen-Anhalt - Ministerium für Landesentwicklung und Verkehr | Verwaltungsvorschrift (Sachsen-Anhalt) | Richtlinien über die Gewährung von Zuwendungen zur Anreizfinanzierung für die Anerkennung des ... | i. d. F. v. 16.12.2020 | gültig ab 01.01.2021 (sachsen-anhalt.de)

As proof of use, for grants according to the funding guidelines for incentive financing for the recognition of the Azubi-Ticket Saxony-Anhalt in public road transport for each commissioned transport company, Anlage 2 „Verwendungsnachweis“ is to use.

Funding for the Azubi-Ticket Saxony-Anhalt is initially limited to 2021 and 2022.


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