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Development of a mobility cost calculator

Motorised private transport is responsible for a considerable proportion of environmental pollution in cities and communities; it also represents a significant outgoing for private households. When it comes to selecting a mode of transport, these private and (external) social costs are often forgotten or ignored. In order to obtain a more precise overview of the costs incurred, and emissions produced, by all modes of transport, the project comprises the development of a mobility cost calculator which raises awareness of both environmental and financial factors by comparing mobility alternatives.

The special feature of the mobility cost calculator is that users do not receive calculations based on standard values, as is normally the case; instead they have the possibility to input numerous individual "customised" parameters. They may relate to both a single journey and an annual balance.

Thanks to the increased sensitivity to environmental and financial factors enabled by the calculator, focus is directed to various mobility alternatives, which should encourage users to make better use of regional public transport and thereby look after both the environment and their wallets.

European Fund for Regional Development (EFRD)

11th December 2017 - 30th September 2021